New Jersey EMT-B Online Continuing Education

New Jersey Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) has added an online option for fulfilling EMT-B elective continuing education (CEU) requirements. Only websites specified on this webpage will be utilized for NJ EMT-B CEUís, as they have met the requirements set forth by OEMS. Courses completed on non-approved websites will not receive credit towards their NJ EMT-B certification.

In order to receive credit towards recertification, each NJ EMT-B must utilize the website links below and complete the registration form paying special attention to any links that are specific to New Jersey EMT-Bís. Some websites have combined ALS/BLS courses that are not accepted in New Jersey. Each website has put aside courses specifically for NJ EMT-Bís. Any course taken on these websites that are not listed as accepted for NJ EMT-Bís will not be given credit towards recertification.

Once a month each website will send the course results to OEMS electronically. Course completion certificates are printed out by the student for future reference Ė they are not to be sent to OEMS.

NJ EMT-Bís must utilize the ID number that is printed on their NJ EMT-B certification card. Failure to utilize the proper ID number will result in credit not being awarded.

Each website has its own price list and accepted forms of payment. As with any other course sponsor, no website is under any obligation to accept the New Jersey EMT Training Fund. Any website that does accept the Training Fund as a method of payment will require each eligible squad member to complete a separate form that attests to their eligibility to utilize the fund.

The following website links are approved for NJ EMT-B CEUís:

As other websites meet the requirements set forth by OEMS, they will be listed on this page as eligible sites for NJ EMT-B CEUís.

Again, only the websites listed above may be utilized for NJ EMT-B CEUís. Courses that are completed on websites that are not listed on this page will not be counted towards NJ EMT-B recertification.